Wednesday, October 5, 2011

UVB-76, The Russian "Buzzer" Shortwave Station

One of the 'bad' things about going out on launch missions is that I miss about a 3-week chunk of my mail. When I got back Monday, I stopped at my mailbox and picked up my mail, and my latest issue of "WIRED" magazine was there.
Lo and behold, they had an article on the UVB-76 "Buzzer" shortwave station. I've heard this station several times in the past, and first found out about it reading "Monitoring Times" magazine. It's an interesting station, probably in the same category as a numbers station, but transmits a different format of information, consisting of various audio tones, and an occasional human voice. It's pretty boring to listen to, but one of those things I'll have on in the background once in a while.
The WIRED article had a reference to a live audio stream, so I looked it up. It's better than listening to it on my radio, as I really don't have an antenna that's suitable for 4.625 MHz, and the Internet relay is close enough that I don't have to worry about propagation from there to here.
A lot of people are bemoaning that shortwave radio listening is "dead", but there's still a lot of things to listen to.

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