Thursday, September 1, 2011

Payload Rollout!!

Well, we got the "Encapsulated Payload" (the satellite inside the payload fairing) rolled out and on the assembly ship today, and they're integrating it with the rocket. We'll do a "power test" of the telemetry transmitter tomorrow, and then a live telemetry flow through the entire network Saturday.If all goes well, the Integrated Launch Vehicle will get transferred to the Launch Platform on Sunday, and we'll roll out, tilt it to vertical, and do the final tests on Monday.

Gonna be a loooong weekend!


  1. Not so much, I think.....
    It looks like we're going to get screwed out of our overtime for working Monday, "Labor" Day. They have graciously offered to pay us straight time, plus OT for hours over 8, on Monday and then they'll be nice enough to let us take a "deferred" holiday later in the year!

    This has REALLY pissed off a lot of people. This is legal to do if the employee agrees to it ahead of time. NONE of us agree to it, and there's a storm brewing.

    I have a whole 'nother blog post coming about how our "Sea Pay", which was supposed to be $200/day, has been cut down to $85/day.

  2. Ouch... that sucks...

    WV- harasse Yep, you are the harassee in this mess.


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