Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hurricane Hilary

No, not Mrs. Clinton.

Looks like we'll be going through the tail-end of this towards the end of the week.


  1. Do hurricanes have pants suits?

    Seriously, be careful.

  2. Well, it *is* hurricane "Hilary"!
    It's down to a Tropical Storm now, and will probably be downgraded further to Tropical Depression by the time we get there.
    We expect a lot of rain, and some rough seas, but nothing like going through a tropical storm.

  3. Waved as I went by last night, but it was dark :-) You'll probably get about a SS3, at a guess.

  4. And I was probably in my rack reading "To Ride, Shoot Straight, And Tell The Truth" by Jeff Cooper.

    A little "lite" reading for the coming storm......

  5. Not a bad book to read, and reread :-)

  6. Yep, I make it a point to reread it once a year.


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