Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Sunday at 2100

Well, we'll be out at the Pilot Station waiting for the Harbor Pilot to come aboard.
That means we won't be tied up and 'released' until about 2230 or so.
And they're NOT paying us for Saturday and Sunday.....

GOD, I hope something breaks, because I will NOT fix it!


  1. That last hour or two of waiting truly sucks. We could never sleep the last night before returning to home port.

    Welcome back.

  2. Yeah, sitting out at the Pilot Station waiting for them to come out is a drag.
    The only things worse are waiting for the lines to get tied to the pier, the gangway to be reinstalled, and the call on the PA system to pick up your passport!
    I'm going to drag my duffle out of my cabin tomorrow and store it in my office. All I'll take off with me is my laptop, and maybe camera bag.
    I want off the ship ASAP!
    I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off, and I'll drag my luggage home later.
    Everybody is a bit upset about the arrival time. Considering it takes about 7 days to get back, if the ship went ONE KNOT faster, we'd have been home earlier.
    The new owner's are squeezing every department to the max for cost savings, and since we're not getting paid for Saturday or Sunday, getting in late Sunday night night saves them some fuel cost, so the Special Purpose Personnel (like me) be damned!

  3. That blows. Hope something breaks here as well, to prove a point.

  4. Well, they've changed it again.

    Too many people we're griping about the arrival time, so now we won't be back at the pier until Monday morning about 8:30.

    0700 at the Pilot Station, and tied up and ready to disembark by 0830.
    That really means around 10AM!


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