Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Castigo Cay" by Matt Bracken

I just finished reading Matt Bracken's latest book, "Castigo Cay".

Matt is the author of the "Enemies" series of books, which are a set of three books dealing with the near future of America. They're excellent thrillers, and I've read them a couple of times, so when I saw he had another book out, I preordered it, and started reading it as soon as I received it.

It's pretty good, but I like his first three books a lot more. "Castigo Cay" seems to drag a bit, and doesn't really "get going" until the last half of the book.

I think it's well-written, but not in the same vein as his first three books, which held my attention from start to finish.

If you liked "Unintended Consequences", and "Molon Labe!", then you'll love his "Enemies" series.

"Castigo Cay", while different, was a worthwhile read, a perfect "little book" for some light summer reading.

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