Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back Home Again

We got in this morning about 10am. Took another hour to get from the Pilot's Station to the pier, and then tied-down.
By this time the Purser (who has our passports) had gone to lunch, so we had to wait for her to show back up.
Then she had to call the Captain to see if it was OK to "release" us!
Oh, well, she's new, and it was her first time out, so we all just sighed and cut her some slack.
Wonder how long the floor will continue to move under me now that I'm back on dry land?

Took some interesting pictures, and I'll post some after I finish unpacking.

There was a sub running on the surface the last three days, making rendezvous with some small boats. They never got closer than a few miles, but I thought it was quite interesting to see one running on the surface.

And there was a C-130 circling overhead a lot of the time.

Should have brought my 400mm lens this trip!


  1. Welcome back, you old salt!

    If my experience is any guide, the "deck" continues to roll under your feet, off and on, for about six to ten hours. A good night's sleep should take care of it.

    The most eerie experience of my Navy years was leaning on the rail, at anchor, watching the coastline when a sub surfaced about 100 feet away. Scared the crap out of everybody at the time, since we weren't expecting it. We were made at the sonar techs for a week, for not alerting us to its impending arrival.

  2. It was pretty calm this whole time, and we were only out for 5 days, so I doubt if I'll have the rolling floor syndrome!
    This was my 14th trip out on this ship, and one of the shortest. We're usually gone for 3~4 weeks, and THEN I have a case of the rolling floor syndrome for a day or so!

  3. A day, and the first shower will be fun...LOL BTDT, MORE than once... sigh


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