Wednesday, July 20, 2011

42 Years Ago

We walked on the Moon.
Now we beg rides from the Russians.


  1. NASA - Not About Space Anymore

  2. I set the night Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface and will never forget the chill that ran up my leg (amost hate to use that phrase thinking about Chris Matthews and his infamous statement), nevertheless that was my feeling at the time. Its a sad day now that we don't even have a craft to fly to the space station. Before we take another deep space flight the Chinese will have walked on the moon--now that really says something.

  3. I was off-stage at a community theater production I was in that day. I had my little 5" Sony TV with me, and I let out a whoop of joy when Armstrong announce "The Eagle has landed....".
    Several people came in to see what had me excited, and when I told them we'd just landed on the Moon, they all said something like "Oh....we thought it was something important"!
    Considering they were all artsy-fartsy types, it didn't really surprise me, but I was still disappointed that they didn't (or wouldn't) realize the significance of the event.

  4. drjim: It would have been important if you announced that gay people can marry on the moon.



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