Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not much new.....

Still recovering from:
Field Day
Independence Day
The announcement at work that the company my employer subs to declared Chapter 11 on June 22nd.
We all think it's circling the drain, but Upper Management has declared things to be "Business as usual while we undergo the restructuring".
Yeah, right....


  1. They always say that.

    Restructuring is a misused word.

  2. "Business as usual while we undergo the restructuring."

    That sounds to me like, "Keep working your a$$ off. Your job is completely secure--until we surprise you one day at the end of shift with the pink slip."

  3. heh heh!
    Yeah, the last Reduction In Force caught everybody by surprise. Some of the people they laid-off were totally unexpected, and the rest were like "What did he do here anyway?"
    The next round will be the same, I suppose. I've already taken all of my personal tools home, and I spent yesterday going through documents. Some got saved, some got trashed, and some went to the burn-barrel. The scuttlebutt is that the next round will hit on the 17th, and I want to be ready. I've still got a bunch of books and magazines to move out. Today, Thursday, and Friday I volunteered to help move the VIP offices out of the building they've been leasing space in. The lease is one of the contracts they've been trying to get out of for some time now, and Chapter 11 allows them to just walk.
    The next couple of weeks should be interesting.


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