Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ammo Shortage Easing?

I just checked Midway and Cabela's for my favorite flavors (45ACP and 357), and for the first time, I don't see most items listed as "Backordered". The prices seem to have come down a bit, too.
I'm headed over the range in a few minutes to renew my membership, and I'll ask them if they see any increase in supply.
Time to stock up *deep* this time! I *miss* going to the range weekly......


Rangemaster Fred said he thinks it's easing up, too, but the big news was that he's now able to get guns! He had his display case about back to 'normal', and mentioned that he'd had a couple of his distributors call him and say they were well stocked on popular handguns again. He hadn't heard from them for several months, and they called him!
Let's just hope this "Light at the end of the tunnel" isn't the headlight on an approaching train....

And on another positive note, the range will be installing a new bullet trap in the next month or so! While the trap will be rated for high-powered rifles, they're only going to upgrade three of the lanes, as the roof can't support the weight of the rifle-rated baffles over all 20 lanes.
Now that I'll have a close place to shoot one, looks like I'll finally be able to buy something in 308 caliber!


  1. yeah looks like the ammo situation is getting better. Defensive ammo is still hard to come by in some flavors though.

  2. check out,, and to shop prices. Depending on what you are looking for, it is usually worth shopping all 5 to find the best price and shipping.

    Good to hear that there may be relief on the horizon.

  3. Sportsman's Guide is the other online store I generally buy from. Last time I checked (yesterday) they were still shy on 45ACP, and the only 357 they had was oddball, super-expensive stuff, like frangible.

  4. drjim,yeah .357 is still hard to find,but there is a temporty(the way I see it) easing right now in the supply of ammo.

    How long with this last is an unknown,but I am not taking any chances and stocking up while I can.

  5. Yeah, I just sold a bunch of Vintage Radio stuff, so that money is going for ammo instead of *more* radio stuff!

  6. It's coming back slowly, primarily .45 and 9mm right now, more to follow. Some .223/5.56 is also coming out.

  7. Wow - that's good news on a possible ease in the ammo market. I've been stocked up and too busy for a lot of practice lately, but I've been afraid to look.

  8. .40 and .22 is hard to come by in places.

  9. Yeah same at stores across DFW area. 357 and 223 readily available, a bit hit and miss on the rest (though no threadbare shelves).

    Wish I had the time to go out to the range once a month (let alone a week) ... maybe when I own a property large enough.

  10. Ammo, maybe. But the handgun section of my local store looks like a Soviet bakery... empty.


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