Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3000 Visits!

Wow, I just looked at the Sitemeter stats, and I see I've gone slightly over 3000 visits.
I doubt if I'll ever generate the site traffic that most of the people on my blogroll do, but then I never thought I'd hit 3000 in 6 months, either.
I started the blog as my own little 2nd Amendment page, but in looking back I see that it's more of a random "Jim's World" kind of thing. I'm a pretty "Constitutionalist" (is that word?) kind of guy, and even though I'm registered as a Republican, I really don't feel much affiliation with them any more. I'll take Mike Church's viewpoint and say that I'm an American first, a conservative second, and a "Small 'r' republican" third. Our government has gotten bigger and bigger over the years I've been on this rock we call Earth, and it troubles me greatly. They're sticking their nose into places it doesn't belong, and they don't have the Constitutional authority to do so. Besides the 2nd Amendment being under constant attack, now they're going after the 1st Amendment with things like the "Fairness Doctrine" (what doublespeak!), trying to slip "Hate Crime" legislation into totally unrelated bills, and other things I've read but can't remember right now.
Really disgusting. It's enough to make me want to "Go Galt", and help stop the motor of the world.
I won't even go into the nuttiness of things out here in the People's Republik of Kalifornia, as it's just as bizzare, and even more disgusting. Last I read, Kalifornia was home to 32% of all the people in the United States that were on welfare. Stunning, just stunning.
Oh, well....I've rambled on here enough. Thanks to everybody who stops by, and maybe one of these days I'll come up with one of those 'Killer Posts' that I admire so much in the blogs I read.


  1. Jim,

    Congrats on the hits, that is great.

    Keep up the great work. Don't worry about rambling or random stuff...we all think and write like that.

  2. You are racking them up. Great job.

  3. Good job Jim! Keep it up! And don't worry about rambling... we ALL do it... :-)

  4. Good going! If you want to read an interesting (scary too) story *from inside* the California Health-Care $$meltdown$$ there's this guy:


  5. Now that Liberty Sphere is looking, you should be getting lots of hits.


  6. Oh, I definitely notice a spike after he mentions me.

  7. Congratulations. You and the lady are good people. That's why we visit.


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