Friday, March 6, 2009

What's In *YOUR* Range Bag?

Besides your ear and eye protection, what else do you like to keep in the range bag?
I always take several extra magazines, some specialized 1911 tools, some Gun Butter(tm), Birchwood-Casey "Barricade" wipes, extra batteries for hearing protectors, and a little Bushnell laser rangefinder. On days I take training classes, I'll take a second bag with my holster, belt, pouches, and ammo.


  1. Sorta depends on what gun(s) are going shooting that day other than a full cleaning kit, 1911 tools, Wheeler gunsmithing screwdrivers, leupold scope related multi-tool, militec1, breakfree-clp, and a can of Kroil. Perhaps a bore snake. Usually a 500rd box of .22LR just because you never know when you might need it. Roll up ear plugs to go under my electronic muffs for when I'm shooting my belted magnum Encore and .223 pistols.

    The rest is quite gun(s) dependent for that particular day or weekend if it's a shooting event. Currently it's got the above and otherwise stuffed full of plastic boxes of .375H&H pistol loads.

  2. I take three bags, two Midways and custom.
    1. Rifle ammo, .308, 7 Mauser, 8 Mauser, .22. Targets downloaded with 1" dots for 100 yards.
    2. Pistol ammo, .45acp, .357mag, .9mm, .22lr., targets for 25 yards, 1911 bushing tool, small hammer/oak block [front site], patches, rod, Boreclean, oil, tool kit.
    3. Holsters, Kimber gold Match ll, S&W 686, S&W 5904, Ruger MK lll.

  3. I 2nd the cleaning kit. Especially if using new ammo.

    When the range trip includes muzzleloaders, it is a whole different ball game. Extra flints, powder measures, lots of patching, wads and cards, round ball, shot, olive oil, mink oil, knapping hammer, vent pick, pan brush, spare ramrods, cleaning jags, tow.

  4. Petey

    I've got a separate front stuffer basic range bag. I'm building a snapping matchlock hunting gun for next fall and I bet it'll get it's own specific range bag. Be some trial and error to see what it requires to be happy and reliable.

  5. .22 .380 .45 .357, a boresnake, pliers, a knife, gun oil, cleaning rags, wetwipes, targets, ammo, Donald Duck Pez dispenser, bottled water, can of break-free, q-tips, cherry lip gloss, bag to collect brass for reloading.

  6. The Sears tool bag has handguns, magazines, a quick loader for a 686 and a 629, ammo, a set of Peltor electronic muffs, foam ear plugs, and some magic markers.

    Cleaning supplies and tools are kept in a tackle box that is rarely hauled to the range. If repairs or cleaning is necessary, the weapon is brought the hundred yards or so back to my house and inside, where I stand a better chance of finding loose parts. The trip to the shooting bench is much shorter, as it is on the north side of the ol' residence.


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