Saturday, March 7, 2009

P226 At The Range

OK, this is the first time I've done this, so go easy on me! I used my Bushnell range finder to set the targets at the indicated distances, 5yds, 10yds, and 15yds. Point Of Aim was the dot on the front sight placed as close as I could on the middle of the orange center of the target.This was the first time the pistol was fired, and the first time I've _ever_ fired a Sig of any type. I found the double action trigger pull to be heavier and longer than I'm used to (DUH!), and the single action pull to be a bit longer, but not much heavier, than I'm used to with my Kimber's, another big DUH! The gun felt extremely well balanced in my hand, and recoil was no issue at all. I've got large hands, so wrapping my paws around the double-stack grip was no big deal, and maintaining a proper grip was easy. The ammo I used was Reminton UMC 165gr "MC" #L40SW4, and the bullets looked like plated or jacketed semi-wadcutters with a little raised circular 'bump' on the flat nose of the bullet.
I'm sure I'll improve as I shoot this one more, and I really like the way it feels and works in my hand. It's a beautifully made pistol, and racking the slide gives a satisfying "THUNK", like closing the door on a well made car.


  1. Looks like maybe a little too much finger on the trigger- pulling everything left and low...

  2. Yeah, I'm not that used to it yet. I'm pretty sure the couple of 'fliers' were due to "Trigger Mash" as my instructor calls it. It's a new "tool", and it's different enough from the old one to require a period of adjustment for me. When I was doing cylinder head porting and switched from an electric die grinder to an air powered one, I practiced on some old scrap heads before I did any serious work with it. And it was a good thing, as the air tool could really scarf out the metal!
    Hey, it's a good reason to spend more time at the range!


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