Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adam Savage on

"Mythbusters" is one of my favorite programs. Here's an interview with Adam where he explains his philosophy on his personal projects.
I about fell over when he said that the experience of doing the project was more important than the finished item.
AKA..."Getting There Is ALL The Fun", something I find myself experiencing. When I finally finish up my Drake "Twins", I'll have a State-Of-The-Art 1965 Amateur Radio Station. It won't hold a candle to "Lab" measurements of my current State-Of-The-Art, Software-Defined transceiver, but then it won't be as "sterile", either.
And I will have had a LOT of fun honing my radio skills all over again.


  1. Interesting comments! I just don't have the time to get back into the old toys, I'm on the road too much and shooting takes the rest of the time, but enjoy the toys!

  2. Hah! Between work travel, the girlfriend, and the shooting, I wonder how I find time to tinker on the old radio stuff!


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