Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Well Balanced Diet

My son insisted I post this picture. He was over the other night to return my Dremel, and went looking in my kitchen cabinets for a snack. I heard him roaring with laughter, and went in to see what busted him up. He asked me why I had ammo in the soup/snacks cab, and I told him it was because the other ones were full, along with my ammo cans, and it seemed like a good place to put them until I could free up some more space.
He just laughed and said "Dad, that's just so you!"
Gotta love kids......


  1. That is a great story.

    A well balanced diet will go a long way, just remember to let the bad guys have all the lead they can eat.

  2. Yep, and make sure they get their RDA of copper and tin by using JHP's!

  3. Personally I don't see anything wrong with it! :-)

  4. Where is the problem?


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