Sunday, April 14, 2024

For Phil......

 My buddy Phil from Bustednuckles brought up a good point on my previous post.

Since I have things on the engine torn down this far:

It would be (take your pick) foolish, stupid, and/or Just Plain Dumb to NOT replace the $35 water pump while it's out there right in front of me.

To which I wholeheartedly agree:

These are all new, bought on "Wholesaler Close-Out" from Rock Auto. They're all Made In Japan, and look identical. These haven't been available for quite some time from Toyota, so we're forced to use aftermarket for replacements. The pump in the car is fairly new, isn't leaking a single drop, and the bearing rotates freely with zero wobble, play, or noise or grittiness.

Since the water pump is right in front of me, the cooling system is completely drained, and I have the parts and gaskets on-hand, it a no-brainer to swap it out. Since I'm ditching the engine-driven clutch fan, the bearings in the new pump should last a good, long time.

Annnnnd......Since it appears to be weeping a bit, a new front main seal will also be installed.


  1. One YouTube channel I enjoy is CarWizard. He is always making the point of putting in new parts since the labor costs have already been incured.

    1. BTDT, many times. Sometimes you do it because you found a bum part you didn't expect, sometimes you correct someone else's "workmanship" while you're "in there"., or it gives you access to parts that have a definite service life, so you do the preemptive strike tactic, like I'm going to do with the started when I get the rest of the intake stuff removed.

  2. Are you also going to clean and detail the exposed parts now while you're there?

    1. You betcha, Beans! Now that I have all the bits and pieces off the engine, I can get to the dirty stuff, like the frame rails, inner fenders, sides of the block, and all the parts I took off to get this far.

  3. Great idea to zero-time whatever you can!

  4. Replies
    1. Probably OK. but it's a PITA to get at, so replace it.


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