Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A Week With Luna....

 She's settling in quite nicely. She's very obedient, affectionate, friendly, and amazingly good with both our grandsons. She's still camera-shy, so I snapped this one with my cellphone.

She's not quite sure of what to make of our backyard, which is big enough to qualify as a Dog Park in some cities. She was in the shelter for about three weeks, and prior to that she was an "apartment dog" for 3~4 months. We don't know the environment of her original home where she grew up, but she has more than just basic training. The owner who turned her in got her from her brother. He and his wife are expecting their first child, and couldn't cope with an active dog and a new infant, so he gave Luna to his sister. She had to surrender Luna because her landlord "Found out we had another dog", and threatening legal action. Poor Luna was caught in the middle, and lost her home. She's great in the car, but do NOT turn on the windshield wipers! She lunged at them today when we took her for her visit to our DVM. Just protective, I guess.....

And it's really nice to have a dog in our lives again.


  1. Adopting a dog is always a good thing - for both the family and the dog. But, there are always quirks, which most folks (and dogs) can deal with over time.

    Glad she's working out.

  2. Looks like you won the dog lottery. Good job!

  3. Get a second leash and attach it to the rear seat, or get a car harness. Keeps the dog from coming into the front, and keeps the dog from turning into a missile in case of an accident.

    I've got the rear seat on my van fitted as a dog bed and my pooch is strapped in. He can rest his head on our shoulders, but can't jump into the front while we're driving.

    1. We have a tether that snaps into a seat belt buckle, and then attaches to her harness. Keeps her in place, but we forgot to use it the other day. And we have a heavy blanket on the back seat of the truck for her to lay on.

  4. Glad to see that see is becoming part of the family!

  5. Always room for a wonderful dog. Thank you!!


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