Sunday, March 19, 2023

Fell in garage and boke hip

 No, it's not an early April Fool's joke. 

I tripped on an extension cord, went down, missed the rubber mats I stand on, and landed on the concrete.

I couldn't get up, so I hit the alarm button on the remote for the truck to get SLW's attention. She came out, and I still couldn't get up.

Called 911, got admitted last night, and had surgery this morning. Should be released tomorrow morning.

Yes, it hurts, but I didn't need a complete hip replacement, just a plate and some screws.

Pretty groggy right now, so I'll post more tomorrow.


  1. Praise the Lord it wasn't worse. May He heal you quickly, drjim.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  2. WTF?!!
    Keep us posted as you can and GET WELL SOON!

  3. That sucks. And sadly that's a fate a great many of us have in store. It's one of the most common injuries I see in the elderly. And it is often the precursor to decline, disability and death. The trick is to stay active, even if it hurts. The enforced decrease in activity from such an injury can lead to long term complications.

  4. Sending prayers your way, DrJim. Strength through positive thinking works well.

  5. Hope you get better quickly. Dang attack extension cords!

    Unfortunately at our age we don't bounce like we used to.

  6. Yup. Sucks being clutzy. Have almost done that, breaking bones, several times. Bruised bones, bounced brain, but haven't broke anything other than a toe or two... yet.

    Take care of yourself. Heal well. Keep up your vitamins and calcium supplements.

  7. That's not good but at least you didn't hit your head.

  8. Oh man, so sorry! Get well soon, and DO the rehab!!!

  9. Darn it! Those cords just jump up and grab you. Get well as quick as possible and as Old NFO said - do the rehab.

  10. Dang! Missed this somehow. Hope you’re getting better and getting back to normal. Hopefully home by now.

  11. Ouch!
    Time for ceiling drop cords for power. Maybe extend the floor padding?
    What have the docs said about your bone density?

    A few years ago, someone concluded that a fair proportion of falls with hip breakage in older people were actually the reverse of what would be expected. That some sort of stress caused the break, and that lead to the fall. Your incident would seem to fit those parameters, with getting your foot caught on something that would impede normal movement.

  12. Sorry to hear of your plight, Jim. I hope you are not in a lot of pain. Will is right about the drop down trouble lights and cords, although I doubt if any of us actually use those things.
    Here's hoping a speedy recovery upon you!


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