Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Sweet Little Wife's Front Yard Garden.

 She's been toiling over this since we first moved in, when it looked like this:

There had been junipers growing in the "red bark" area, and the previous owners had them removed. For a weed barrier under the bark, they used the bags it came in! That was a preview of coming attractions as far as the quality of workmanship we found elsewhere. 

We had the junipers by the tree removed, and it looked pretty desolate and messy:

We hooked up with a cracker-jack A-1 True Handyman (God bless you, Mr. Berkley!) who removed the red bark, set the concrete pavers for steps, and installed metal edging:

And SLW immediately set about getting some nice flowers planted:

Things have changed some in the last several years, as she learned the hard way to 1) ONLY plant perennials, and 2) DO NOT plant anything before Mother's Day.

So after the rains yesterday, I thought it looked so pretty that I'd post some "After" pictures showing the progress she's worked at.

Had to use the flash on this one, so the colors are a bit off....


It's still a Work In Progress, and always will be, kinda like a "Project Car". It's never done, just in between upgrades!

Oh...Note to BillB....Your packaged rotor was put in the car after I took this, and will be dropped off at FedEx in the morning. I'll send you the tracking number....


  1. The yard is looking good! I look forward to summer updates. :)
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Thanks, Linda. She claims she hates gardening, but yet she does it so well.

  2. Looking good and good on her for sticking with it!

  3. I'm sure some neighbors appreciate her efforts. Walking Banner we pass some nice yards that I can enjoy without having to do the work!

    1. That's one of the nice things about living in this neighborhood; Everybody takes care of their property, and is usually doing something to "update" it, or keep it cleaned up.
      As I've told her several times, if your parents owned a house like this when I was growing up, they were doing very well.

  4. Thanks drjim. I will send you the money when you tell me how much.

    Your wife's garden is pretty. Looks like a lot of work paid off.

    1. No problem! Yesterday was SLW's birthday, and today we had both grandsons until 1800, so unfortunately it's still sitting in the truck!
      But hey, it's closer to being shipped right now than it ever was!


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