Friday, June 17, 2022

Drywall Damage Repair "In Work", and Scratch One Pergola For Now

 Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! 

 Had some quotes to repair this damage from the botched flooring install:

$500 for Labor, and $250 for materials. SLW is waiting for other bids to come in before she cuts the P.O.

Several places called back about building a pergola over the concrete back patio. Every One Of Them told us to hold off, as the price on cedar is through the roof right now, as in $60 each for the size posts, and the other lumber is equally expen$ive.

So, no pergola/antenna support for now. I'll go ahead and install the other two 4x4x8 posts I have for my 20 Meter and 6 Meter verticals, and I'll site them in place to clear the eventual pergola. Even after we get the pergola installed, they'll be in better positions than they are now. I've been soaking the soil where the posts and ground rods will go, using my "Deep Root Watering"  spikes. These can wet the soil thoroughly down to about 30", which is deeper than the posts get set, and deep enough to get the ground rods easily started down far enough to really wail on them with a Demolition Hammer and adapter to drive them down the remaining 6 feet.

Enjoy the weekend, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there, and be safe.


  1. Some lumber prices are dropping, or so I read.

    1. They told us the grade cedar they use hasn't come done.....yet.

  2. Happy Father's Day to you, drjim.

    I do hope that lumber prices fall, especially cedar. We want to add on to our backyard deck with cedar posts and railings. And since we got a 30'x30' workshop built, we need to populate it with work benches and storage. I built one simple bench that is 8' long; it cost nearly $150. I want to build a true woodworking bench. That price is frightening at a few hundred dollars but far less than an already built one at well over a $1000.

    1. When we first moved here, I wanted to have one half of the downstairs shop to be my Radio Room, and the other half to be The Lab. Five years ago I was quoted $4500 for the workbench and radio console I wanted. I shudder to think what it would cost now.
      I wonder what it would cost to get ONE 240V outlet installed in the sunroom/radio room? I have a nice Collins linear amp I'd like to use.....

  3. $750 to repair that corner sounds cheap to me, I'd jump on that but I would also be watching them like a hawk to make sure it got done right.
    Happy Fathers Day my man.

    1. it's 10'x6', so it would take two sheets of "Fire Rated" (it's the garage) drywall to fix, plus the insulation that has to be replaced because it got soaked, and the tape, mud, etc. I added up the materials, looked at the labor charge, and figured it was reasonable.
      Happy Father's Day right back at ya', Phil.


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