Thursday, April 14, 2022

Looks Like He Got His Wish

 Ukrainian stamp honoring the solders who were captured on Snake Island.

Sometimes Karma's a bitch....


  1. Yes indeed. Karma will run over your dogma every time.

  2. I like the defiant salute . . . Пошел ты, мудак!

  3. A modern version of "NUTS!".....

  4. Replies
    1. It's a real, issued stamp. It was released for sale two days prior to the sinking....

    2. And that's a good indication of how well Ukraine is doing. They are able to commission and issue a new stamp during a knock-down, drag-out war of survival.

    3. My friend Gennedy in Kiev (Kyiv?), UX5UO, who prints QSL cards, says they're doing OK. I don't know if he's printing and shipping, but he says they're getting by.

    4. Victorious armies don't withdraw from key targets like Kyiv to 'reorient in a different direction.'

      I mean, it's not like the Ukrainians are coming at the Russians in giant human waves like at Chosin.

      And, yes, I know the forces of light got pushed to the tip of Korea, but we weren't the ones who initiated the conflict.

    5. It seems to be at a stalemate or something. Either that or Ivan is waiting for the weather to improve...


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