Thursday, October 21, 2021

Up and Running!

 Sorry, no pix and I don't do video. Well, at least not in a few years.

Went through the "Maintenance and Service" section of the manual today, checking the adjustments, and getting used to working on it. All the adjustments were "In Spec", so after putting the covers back on it, I flipped it back up, let it sit for a bit, and checked the oil. Then I filled the tank and attempted to start it. At first I used the pull starter, and after four or five pulls, it wouldn't start. Tried the electric a few times, and same thing. Huh....what did I forget?

Key in place, throttle to mid, choke on, "Run/Stop" switch in "Run" position, push primer three times, crank, and no fire.

Then I realized I hadn't turned the fuel valve to "ON". ooops!

Turned the fuel on, cranked it a few seconds, and pressed the primer a few times again. This time it felt like it had fuel in the bulb, and sure enough, when I cranked it again, it lit right off.

Let it run about 20 minutes going between the turtle and the rabbit on the throttle control, and drove it up and down the driveway a few times.

Starts on the first pull when warm, and it's not hard at all to pull start it.

The differential makes turning it a breeze, and it's pretty easy to maneuver considering how big it is. At this time, in the dry, the handling of this one is greatly superior to that electric POS I had.

Should make snow removal much less of a chore than the other one.


  1. You did the equivalent of "Is the computer plugged in?"

    Glad it works. Can't wait to hear about it's first real run-in with Demon Snow.

    1. Since I'm planning on having this one for a while, and working on it when you're trying to use it's a NOGO, AND the weather is still really nice, I thought it best to get to know it now.
      The fuel shutoff had me going for a few minutes, though....

  2. Glad everything is working. Should make life easier this winter. As to electric snowblowers, I think of rancher friends in Routt County. A few years ago they built a new house and put in short concrete walkways. She has an electric snowblower because her husband's solution is their New Holland tractor with a front end loader.

  3. Looking forward to the actual AAR... And yes, fuel 'helps'... sigh

    1. Fingers are crossed, and I hope I made a good purchase this time.

  4. You're gonna like it. We've had 29" of snow already, and ours earns its keep every time.

    1. Sure hope so! It's very well balanced, and their "Power Steering" (the disc differential) makes turning it a breeze.
      So far I'm pleased, but we'll see what happens the first time we get 18" of snow....


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