Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Good Gravy.....It's WINDY!

 Haven't seen wind like this in more than a few months. Sustained winds of 25MPH blowing across here, with gusts to 40MPH.

The steel patio chairs in the back blew over, the trash can (empty) in the back and several orange "Homer" buckets  are scattered around the yard, and my wheelbarrow flipped over.

That one I would have liked to have seen.

We were forecast with a 70% chance of precip, and then the forecast numbers dropped as yesterday went on, and we got zip. SLW was saying she heard some talking head predicting a La Nina winter, meaning DRY, which is bad, as we really need several years of good snow pack to get things back to a semblance of "normal" here.

And as far as this guy:

Enough said.....


  1. 2nd try at a comment. We had about 30 minutes of rain yesterday. Wind today was so strong the 5 lb rock holding down the lid on our dog waste receptacle came off and the lid went for a walk about.

  2. My son works out of the TMI "Greeley Yard", and yesterday the were down in La Salle. He had signs blow over, break, blow away, flip around and show the other side, and all kinds of things the wind caused.

    We had ZERO precip, which is a bummer as I've put away all the outdoor watering stuff.

  3. Trash cans down in yards,bits and pieces of trees in the road, A small pine cracked and in the road in Longview Texas today, after a pretty good blow yesterday,, it's gusting so hard the car required paying attention.

    1. Pretty calm here today, but the winds sure blasted the leaves off the trees!

  4. Yep, 25 gusting 30 here today, and concur on Fauci!


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