Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Bumper Work

 After laying down a good coat of primer, and waiting for it to completely cure, I sanded it down, cleaned it, and shot another coat of primer on it. That, too, sat a week to let it completely cure.

Using bright lights, I found a bunch more divots and ripples, and some sanding scratches. 

SO.....I mixed up some more of the "Bumper Bite", and applied it:

And in the process of using the bright lights to really see things, I found a few more little spots that need filler:

And if you look carefully, just below the masking, you can see a few more:

So, after I have some dinner, I'll mix up some more filler, and try and get all the little spots that I missed.

And I expect to do it again, after the next round of sanding.


  1. Fussy, fussy. I admire that not having the patience to do it myself.

    1. Not really "fussy". I just want to do it right, and do it once. If this bubbles or blows out a chunk in six months, I'm not gonna be happy!

  2. SLow wins the race (in restorations)... Nice job on it and kudos for the patience!

    1. Gotta have something to keep me busy besides working on the house, playing with radios, racing little cars, walking the dog, and playing with the grandson!

      I'm waiting extra long between coats of "stuff" because I want to make sure all the materials are properly cured. Even rattle-can stuff these days "cures" rather than "dries". Well, at least the high-end stuff I'm using does.


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