Friday, March 27, 2020

USNS Mercy Arrives in Los Angeles

I'm not sure who took the photo, as it was posted without attribution on an FB page.

AFAIK, the Mercy will be berthed directly behind the Iowa in San Pedro at the now vacant cruise ship terminal. Much more info can be found using your Google-Foo.

May God Bless and watch over her crew during these interesting times.

The Physical Therapist is quite happy with the improvement I'm showing, and so am I. I still have some pain, but it's not nearly as bad as it was a month or so  ago when all this started. Easily managed with the Naproxen and a bit of Tramadol "as required".

Overcast, cold, rainy day and evening here, so I'll think I'll go crank up the fireplace, grab the wife, and we'll watch a movie down in the den.


  1. Looking out my window at a fairly intense snow storm. My usual time to walk the dog but, if he isn't acting up, will wait a couple of hours.

    Well provisioned, and no work scheduled until Monday afternoon.

    1. Been mixed rain/snow sometimes light, sometimes heavy. You're a bit more out on the plains than we are. The foothills really mess with the weather when there's downslope or upslope winds.

    2. Went out about fifteen minutes ago to 2" of wet, heavy snow with just a few light flakes falling. Broke out the snow rake and cleaned off both vehicles. By morning, that would have been 2" of solid ice!

    3. And we've got wet streets!

      It was coming down pretty hard at times, but melted as soon as it hit.

      I'm sure the snow rake is quite good at heavy, wet snow. I was astounded how fast I could clear my Grand Cherokee of 18" of that snow we had before Thanksgiving.

      Took me two days to get the sidewalk and driveway cleared, but got the car done in 15 minutes!

  2. There is snow in the AZ mountains. We picked up about 3". And it's chilly. Next week we're going to have highs in the mid-60's, which is practically balmy.

    Glad you're feeling better.

    Berthing the Mercy next to the Iowa has a certain poetry to it.

    1. Yes, I guess it does, LL.

      Sort of an "Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove" type of thing.

  3. Prayers for those reservists that will be working on MERCY and COMFORT.

    1. I have no clue on who staffs the Mercy and Comfort. Probably something I should know.....

      Yes, prayers sent for the crews.


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