Monday, February 18, 2019

Speakers and Things.....

Got the speaker cabinets all glued together, foamed inside, and "finish sanded" to the point where I can now apply the first coat of the Dura Tex product.

Sanding the MDF they're made from is pretty easy with my $15 Horror Freight orbital sander and a 1/4 sheet of 100 grit paper. It evened out all the corners and edges quite nicely.

There's a few small gaps where the glue didn't completely come out to the exterior surfaces, but the first coat of the Dura Tex should act as a gap-filler. I know they're sealed up pretty tight, as I made sure there was enough glue to completely cover the mating surfaces, and I could see a good bead of glue coming through on the inside. I wiped the inside corners with a damp paper towel, making a nice fillet between the parts.

And we've been cleaning up and straightening out the house for The Little Guy's upcoming 2nd birthday party in about two weeks. *I* may think the house is clean and ship-shape, but wives have other ideas of what "clean" is!

Other than that, not much going on. Been cold and "wintry" the last few days, and we got about 1" of snow last night. Single-digit temps at night until the end of the week, and light snow expected.


  1. So cold and nasty this morning I paid extra to have parts pulled at the salvage yard.

    1. Yeah, and it's a "biting" cold, like I grew up with.

      BTW, the new gloves are marvelous!

  2. When I was stationed in Japan in 1979, I bought a stereo outfit at the PX that had two huge speakers. I still have them , and the radio receiver, but alas, the turn table and the tape cartridge player don't work anymore. Can't bring myself to toss the stuff, though.

  3. Replies
    1. Slowly but surely, NFO!

      I opened up the can of the coating compound and let the wife smell it. She approved the use down in the basement because "it just smells like paint", which it pretty much is,

      Thick paint with a lot of filler, but still, it smells like acrylic paint you'd use inside the house.

  4. Oh, the joys of the PX! I had some vet friends in College that had really good cameras and stereos, and they always said they got them at the Base PX.

    And I know what you mean about can't bear to toss them. I'm still lamenting at some (over half) of the stuff I had hauled away before we moved here. I was able to get some of it to 'good homes', but I threw away way too much of it because I didn't know how big the U-haul I was going to rent was until I got it a two days before we left.

    Could have brought 90% of it with no problem.....


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