Monday, February 4, 2019

"Dinner and a Movie" Night

Since the weather was so nice on Sunday, we decided to head in to Old Town for dinner at a place we hadn't tried yet, the Sonny Lubick Steakhouse.

Sonny Lubick is a local sports legend guy, as he took the CSU Rams to multiple championships during his tenure as Head Coach. He took a very losing college football team, and turned it into a powerhouse, winning six conference championships, and taking the Rams to NINE college bowl games.

I'm not into football at all, but he did a hell of a job, and is a well respected guy.

Anywho......I had the 6oz filet, and my wife had the surf and turf.

The food was outstanding, and my steak was the best one I've had since we moved here. My baked potato was perfect, and the salad was made at the table from a cart where you could get various toppings and veggies added if you wanted.

The service was excellent, and hit that "Just Right" balance between hovering over you, rushing you, or ignoring you. The courses appeared at just the right time, the staff was very friendly and accommodating, and the manager even dropped by to say hello.

We'll definitely being going back, and we now have another 'favorite restaurant' added to our small but growing list.

One thing we noticed as we walked back to the Jeep was several restaurants had  "Closed For SuperBowl Sunday" signs in their windows, which probably explains why Lubick's was relatively empty.

And after we got back home, we fired up the home theater gear and watched "First Man", a movie about Neil Armstrong, but nothing along the lines of "The Right Stuff".

The movie starts with Armstrong's days at Edwards when he was a civilian NACA/NASA pilot flying the X-15, and progresses through the Gemini Program, and ends with him in quarantine after returning from the Moon.

It's about as "personal" a movie as I guess you could make about Armstrong, who was a quiet, private guy, and frankly, I'm not sure what to think about it.

It was an "OK" movie, but the characters just seemed 'wooden', like they weren't sure how to play their parts.

Overall, I'll give it 3-1/2 stars on the ratings chart. Good, but probably wouldn't watch it again.


  1. The steak sounds good, the movie -- I'll take your advice and pass. For me, decent food means that I descend from the mountain to Scottsdale where the options are there, and it's beyond hamburger. Mountain communities are nice, but the good places to eat have difficulty staying open during the winter. It's not a ski resort and locals either can't afford nicer fare or they just stay in when it's cold.

    Today a guy came by from a company I've never heard of. He made his way to the mine after somebody I know up here referred him. They sell frozen meals. I didn't expect a visitor but I may buy some of their flash frozen vegetables. It was weird to have a drop-in. And no, I didn't meet him at the door with a gun, though he may be accustomed to that with new customers, given where it is that I live.

    1. It was easy to get a Real Good Steak in Chicago or L.A., but the first two places we tried weren't quite there. One had a rub that was about 15% too much, the other said they could make my filet without the bacon wrap, but it came with it any way. I would have sent it back, but their service stunk, and I was famished.

      I would have expected that just about any place in Colorado could do a good steak, but guess not.

      Austins American Grill, right across the street, is also on our "Great Local Restaurant" list.

      We're still looking for a good Mexican place. The place we fall back on is a pretty good place, but not quite as good as a couple of places we went to in Long Beach.

  2. Thanks for the review. We went out to see "They Shall Not Grow Old".
    Had the theater to ourselves for the same reason.

  3. THey Shall Not Grow Old is supposedly a MUCH better movie.

    1. Stay past the credits.
      Peter Jackson has an amazing story as to how he made the film.

  4. Not much help in the food department. In recent years it has become fuel.

    Mediocre Mexican food but a Colorado institution in West Denver is Casa Bonita.

    Colorado's oldest, and best meat place, is the Buckhorn in Denver.

    Plan to drop $75 per person on up. Worth it!

    1. As Mike Church used to say "Amber Waves Of Fuel....".

      I have no real desire to "explore" the Denver area, but I'm sure I'll get coerced into going. I'll keep Buckhorn in mind when she asks where I want lunch.

      Our dinner was $118, no drinks other than ice tea for me, and no dessert. I thought it was a bargain, as the other places we tried were ~$90 and NOT worth it.

  5. When I was at CSU the football team was so bad that our professors would get mocked when visiting schools with good football teams. (I graduated in December of '86.)


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