Thursday, May 18, 2017

Arrived In Fort Collins

Got into Denver about 1530 local time, and was met with 40* temps and rain.

Took almost an hour to get our rental car. The agent told us there had been some bad hailstorms in the last week, and a lot of the rental car fleets had half their stock in the shop being repaired. The daughter-in-law confirmed this, saying a few older malls sustained so much damage that they'd most likely be torn torn rather than repaired.

About 30 miles North of DIA, the rain turned to sleet, and then to snow. I've driven in this stuff before, so it didn't bather me too much, but the wife was white-knuckled until we got to the hotel.

Called the kids, and then ordered some pizza to take with us for dinner.

The dogs went completely bonkers when they saw us, as expected, and I got to meet little Noah tonight.

We left their place about 2130, and the snow had tapered off quite a bit.

The Denver Tee Vee stations are in "ZOMG!!! SNOWMAGEDDON!!!" mode, predicting up to 7" overnight.

It's 2245 here, and I'm trashed from the flight and the drive.

More tomorrow........


  1. Global cooling will kill us all.

    Glad you arrived in one piece.

  2. By Sunday temps will be in the 80s.

    1. Yeah, we got hardly any additional snow, and it's mostly gone now. Roads are nice and dry again, and I'm headed up to the kid's place in Bellvue.

      What's up with the 25 just North of the 34? Looks like they're putting / replacing a bridge or something.

    2. Going to six lanes. Master plan is six lanes from Denver to Ft Collins to be completed sometime this century. Their biggest problem right now is a wider bridge over Crossroads Blvd.

    3. OK, that must be the new bridge we saw as we passed by it.

  3. Glad you made it okay. Get as much rest as you can.

    1. Yeah, getting to the airport, going through "security", and getting on the plane to get here was a PITA. Fight was OK with a change of planes in Salt Lake City.

      The drive up here from DIA was a bit annoying, but at least the natives know how to drive in the stuff!

  4. I saw there was snow out there.
    There was a news segment on Durango, Colorado and it said all the bums, pan handlers, bunko artists, homeless ,etc in the world were headed to Durango because they can buy pot!

    I guess that's an unintended consequence.

    1. Yeah, I saw a blog post on the pot situation out here, and how all the Nebraska/Oklahoma cops are always on the lookout for cars with Colorado plates. Go 5 over the limit and BAM! You WILL get stopped.

  5. Just take it easy... :-) And enjoy the family time!!!

  6. I never could figure out how Colorado could be weirded out by snow. A bare half inch when I was there in Colorado Springs for Tech School and everything closed down.

    Glad to hear you got there safe and got to meet the grandson.
    You all be safe and God bless.


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