Thursday, February 2, 2017

Family Medical Emergency. Gonna Be Busy for a Few Days.

Title says it all.

Be back shortly.


  1. I pray the Lord protects all of you, and deals with the need swiftly. Please let me know if you need specific prayer(s).

  2. I hope things work out ok for all of you.

  3. Thanks, all.

    My son has been hitting the bottle (again) pretty heavily, and last Thursday my first wife (his Mom) called that they were in the ER. Turns out he'd also been smoking this shit called "spice", which is a "synthetic marijuana" that's sold as incense. It's a "designer drug" compound that's sprayed on to some (unknown) type of plant material. It's absolutely horrible stuff, it can be addictive, and can cause psychosis and permanent brain damage.

    She found out cold and unresponsive on his bedroom floor, and he was "white as a sheet".

    He was really out of it when I got to the ER. They had him hooked up to several monitors, and had a saline IV drip in him. It took him several hours to come (somewhat) out of it, and they released him about midnight.

    The next day she sent me a text that they were back in the ER, as he'd been smoking it again. They brought him over here to our place Friday after he was released so she could go through his bedroom with a fine tooth comb for anything he might have stashed.

    Saturday "noonish" when he got up he seemed much better. His Mom was trying to get him into a supervised 24/7 detox program to make sure he was staying clean for a week or so, but his union medical wouldn't cover that type of detox.

    SO...he's back home for now, and they're going to get him in to an outpatient treatment/counseling program.

    I tried to drag him to some AA meetings (I'm a 'member' of AA, with 22 years of sobriety), but he was always "unavailable" when I tried to get him to go.

    I think he needs to check in to a sober living house for as long as it takes for him to not only learn, but also understand, that this lifestyle he's leading will kill him. If the drugs don't kill him in a few months, then the booze sure will. I stayed in a sober living house for a year, and it turned me around. I know exactly what he's going through right now, and exactly how he feels, but of course he doesn't believe me due to the "generational thing".

    I don't think he's ready yet, but he's sure getting close. He's almost out of denial on this, and that's the first step, where we admit we're powerless over drugs and/or alcohol, and are ready to turn our lives over to a Higher Power for help and guidance.

    He's a good kid (yeah, he's 30 years old, but he'll always be a "a kid" to me), he has a decent job, and UNDERSTANDING, supportive parents and step parents.

    I feel so bad for my poor first wife. She went through this with me, and now with our son.

    She and her husband are welcome here anytime, and she and my current wife get along extremely well. The kicker is when she remarried, she married another Engineer named "Jim".

    Strange world.....

  4. Praying he gets it all together. And bless you for what you are doing with him.


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