Thursday, October 8, 2015

Supras in Vegas 2015!

Just got back from the first "Field Trip" scheduled for the event, where after we all registered, we went to Hoover Dam, and took over the entire top floor of the parking structure.

There's some SERIOUS horsepower on display here, with several of the cars capable of running low 11 second to low 10 second ET's in the quarter mile.

Some of these guys are running TWO intercooled turbochargers, each one big enough to scare a Caterpillar mechanic.......

And there's also people who have completely stock cars that are worthy of being in a museum.

And I've met several people in person that I've chatted with over the last couple of years on the celicasupra forum.

Don't think I'll upload any pix, as the WiFi at the hotel is pretty slow, but at least it's free.

Thursday is "Dyno Day", and it will be interesting to see if these guys really do make the "800 rear wheel horsepower" that they claim. From my experience, it's pretty hard to transfer that much power through the tires into the dynomometer rollers......


  1. I had a 1990 Supra. But it's long gone. I loved that car.

    1. Those, the "Mark-III" were nice cars. I looked at those, but decided on my "Mark-II" as it was 500~600 pounds lighter.

      And as Colin Chapman used to say "Simplicate and add lightness"!

  2. Whoo Hoo!
    Sounds like a lot of fun!


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