Friday, October 9, 2015

Rotten Hotel WiFi......

I gave up on the "free" hotel WiFi. Even though Windoze declared the signal level as "Very Good", the connection was always dropping, stalling, and sometimes I couldn't even get past the log-in screen.

I dug out my Virgin Mobile 3G/4G "Mobile HotSpot", called them up to reactivate it, and now I have 10MBPS speeds, with a SOLID 4G connection.

Dyno Day was really interesting. A guy set a "new record" for normally aspirated (NON turbo) cars of 299 rear wheel horsepower, and I watched several people easily crack the 800 horsepower level.

It took two or three people sitting on the rear of the car to get the required traction at that level!

I didn't hear who the Top Gun was for this session, but I'll find out about it at dinner tonight.

It was expected to exceed 1000 horsepower.......


  1. Those are some impressive numbers for rice-burners ... (grins)

  2. Considering these are ~3 liter engines it really impressive until you realize some of these guys are running over FIFTY POUNDS (3 atmospheres) of boost, making these effectively NINE liter engines.....

    But man, you should hear them scream on the dyno.....

  3. They scream until they blow... :-) Seen that happen a time or two...

  4. The only thing that got broken Sundat at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dragstrip was either a transmission, or a differential, I didn't hear which.

    The 2JZ Toyota engine is extremely robust, and to actually lose an engine, even at these power levels, is unusual.

  5. Forgot to post who the "winner" was.

    A red Mark-IV, that produced "only" 987 horsepower at the rear wheels.

    Most of the guys who live near sea level, and regularly produce 1000+ HP, were saying that it's normal to lose a couple of hundred horsepower because they're 2000' higher, and the air is warmer and drier, with the resulting "Density Altitude" throwing off their boost/fuel programming.


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