Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meanwhile, Back In The CPO's Mess.......

One of the things we do on the Iowa is offer examinations for both commercial and Amateur radio licenses.

This past Wednesday, I found myself back down in the CPO's Mess area helping three young guys get their Marine Radio Operator's Permit for their jobs at one of the places out here in the L.A. Harbor area.

One of the things that's so interesting about the Iowa is the large amount of "Crew Art" painted in various spaces around the ship. I posted a lot of it a while back when I took the "Curator's Tour", which is a tour available to the public that takes you to a lot of the areas not on the current tour route.

Here's a funny one that I'm sure my Navy friends have seen before:

And in the CPO Lounge Area we have this one:

Along with this one on the adjacent bulkhead:

The deck flooring leading in to the lounge area has this nice tile work:

And on the door leading in is this warning:

In the mess area is this autograph from an original plank owner:

Thank you for your service, Chief!

And finally, from one of the hatches leading in to this area, MANY coats of paint:

Sorry for the crummy cellphone pix, but these were "spur of the moment", and I'm seriously considering taking my camera with me every time I go on board the Iowa.


  1. I enjoy the pix, every single time, and that crew art makes me feel young again. Thank you!

  2. Ah yes, the goat locker... :-) Sacrosanct spaces, and they are probably having hissy fits about all you 'civilians' tromping through 'their' spaces...


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