Sunday, March 29, 2015

Carpet Project Finished

WELL.....we finally finished getting the living room rearranged and back together after tearing it apart for the carpet guys.

I was amazed how fast they got the furniture out of the house, the old carpeting and padding removed, the new carpeting installed, and the furniture back in.

And in the process of reassembling the home theater stuff, and my wife's computer desk, I took all the equipment outside and blew the dust out of it. Then I cleaned all the gear with some "Endust for Electronics", and proceeded to put everything back together, labeling all of the cables.

A bigger ordeal than I thought it would be, but the new carpet looks great, walks even better, and the whole house looks brighter now that we got rid of the old blue carpet.

I add some pix here later.....


  1. Congrats on getting it done quickly. Ours took a bit longer: a) two-story house, b) had to move all the furniture up/down stairs without help, c) had to sell the living room furniture first, and d) could only work on weekends. My back has forgiven me, but my knees ... not so much. :)

  2. My knees are shot.

    I had my right knee operated on back in high-school, but now my left one pops and locks "on demand".

    I think I'll just live with it!


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