Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm Still Here....Just Been Busy!

We've been working on getting all the HF-capable antennas on the Iowa sorted out, and hand-over-hand tracing coaxial cables around the ship.

We were able to get the autocoupler for the portside transmitting antenna hauled out of the transmitter room and mounted at the base of the whip, and as soon as we can figure out *where* the coax goes to, we'll do some low power testing with one of the original tarnsmitters.

In the picture below you can see the mounting rails for the autocoupler:

And with this shot from below the antenna, you can see the red insulating base, indicating it was a transmitting antenna:

And the starboard side whip has a blue base, indicating it was receive-only:

The cable for the starboard whip runs into a room off the flag bridge, where it was hooked to a receiver that we're told was used by the "spooks" for various signal interception duties.

Unfortunately, the Heliax cable feeding this one has broken from being repeatedly bent back and forth, so that's another "Let Jim fix it" item in the job jar!


  1. You're going to need a bigger honeydo jar... :-)

  2. Yeah, but I don't know if I can call my Iowa Job Jar a "Honeydew" Job Jar!

  3. Regardless of what you call the list, it's definitely gonna be a long one!

  4. Yeah, and we all know it!

    I'm still working with one guy on getting the last URR-74 receiver repaired. I extracted a bunch of schematics and block diagrams from the manuals PCS Associates gave us, and took them over to Kinko's to print on 11x17 paper so they're a lot bigger, and easier to read.

    I'm also printing out sections of the 399 page ( ! ) manual as we need them, and eventually we'll have the manual in 8.5x11, and all the schematics in 11x17.


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