Friday, December 5, 2014

Busy Weekend Coming Up

Well, let's see....

Saturday morning I have the "First Saturday Of The Month" breakfast with the radio club I'll be bailing out on (long rant, check the older posts), and then I'll be helping with another "NRA First Steps" pistol class, then a reunion party for a bunch of my former work mates from the satellite launch place I retired/got laid-off from, and then I'll be on the Iowa all day Sunday for the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

I'll be wearing one of my "NRA Certified Instructor" shirts to the breakfast, which will probably pop the fuses in the one Ultra-Liberal, Politically Correct member we have.

Oh, use trying to please everyone.


  1. Making this person pop fuses is a good reason to wear it.

  2. HAH!

    I probably wear the hat then, too!

  3. The USS Wisconsin is on the air both today and tomorrow. I just worked them on 40, N4WIS, Virginia Beach. Still hoping to work you on the Iowa some day. Maybe tomorrow on 15 or 20.

  4. Look for us either on the cluster spots, or in frequencies ending in "61".

    We'll be on all day December 7th.


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