Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shit You See At The Range

Found this over at "Every Day No Days Off", and it's absolutely hilarious.

I'm sure some of you have seen the video, and if you hang out at a range long enough, you'll see it in person.

During last week's training class, I was joking with the Range Master about how he'd always said if you worked at a range long enough, you'd see a wide cross-section of weirdness.

He laughed and said "Yeah, about two weeks".


  1. Yep ... we've seen most of those at the range. I'm more impressed by the guys who show up with a hunting rifle - usually in .308 or .300 Win Mag - and make a series of 1/2" groups in each of the small diamonds on their sighting-in targets.

    1. My son's stepfather has a 300 Win Mag, and he's brought it out a couple of times to the rifle range we go to.

      I offered to buy a box of ammo for it, and he told me not to bother, because I'd most likely only shoot it two or three times!

      He was right......

  2. I liked the Noob swinging around with his muzzle and his startled friend correcting the situation.

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