Friday, September 5, 2014

The Weekend Already?

Geesh.......Been busy the last few days, so haven't posted.

Spent Tuesday on the Iowa playing radio in commemoration of the signing of the "Instrument of Surrender".

The Iowa was anchored in Tokyo Bay, alongside the Mighty Mo, hosting the Missouri's crew members who had been moved off the Mo to accommodate all the VIP's and dignitaries on the Mo, and handling all the communications from Tokyo Bay.

Trimmed a tree back in the backyard, but only about 20% done with it. The "tree" started out as some kind of potted plant my wife put out there years ago. It outgrew the pot, and completely took over a corner of the backyard.

I've cut it back several times, and last year we had a tree service come do it, and the damn thing just keeps growing like a weed. She'd like to completely get rid of it, but I kinda like trees, so I guess I'm going to get real good keeping it in check.

By the time I'm done whacking it back, I'm going to have to go rent a chipper to get rid of the limbs I've cut off.

Got my Jeep smogged today, and then ran over to AAA to get the new sticker for the rear plate. The smog place had me in and out in about 45 minutes, and AAA had me in and out in about 15.

Guess that's one nice thing about being able to take care of stuff during "normal business hours".

Came home, did the dishes and vacuumed, and then had to go to an emergency board meeting of my radio club. Two of the club members have various problems with the museum staff, causing the museum curator to tell us if we don't put a SHORT leash on these two, that we may be asked to leave.

ANYWAY......I'll try and get something creative (HAH!) posted this week.

In the meantime, check out the folks on the side bar.

I think you already know each other, so play nice......


  1. Alaska used California's smog test (for reason/reasons unknown) until a couple years ago, when we stopped doing it altogether. There hasn't been a failure to meet EPA standards here in over 15 years.

    Glad to hear your IM test went so quickly.

    1. Well, the Jeep is well maintained, and only has about 60k miles on it.

      I would have been really surprised if it didn't pass!

  2. Oh... NOT good if y'all get crossways with the staff...

    1. Yeah, we've had problems with these two loose cannons before. One guy takes it on himself to tell the staff how things should be run, and the other guy is Doom and Gloom personified, walking around mumbling about suicide.


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