Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hmmmmmm...Should Have Put This On The First Engine I Built.....

Well, not really. Out of the dozen or so engines I've built over the years, I never lost one due to bad assembly or bad parts.

Came close a couple of times, but caught the suspect parts before they went into the engine one time, and caught myself very late one night almost firing a dry engine until I looked at the list I had taped on the windshield, and noticed the *one* item not crossed off was "ADD OIL/CHECK FILTER/PRIME ENGINE".

Sure enough, the dipstick was bone dry, and the filter was empty and loose on the remote oil filter setup I'd installed along with the oil cooler. So, I filled the filter and tightened it, and added the 10 quarts I'd estimated the system would hold. Since the distributor was out, I grabbed the 1/2" electric drill and dummy shaft I used to prime engines, and cranked away with the dummy shaft engaged to the oil pump. After a few minutes we had oil pressure, so I checked the level on the dipstick, added another 1/2 quart, and installed the distributor and connected it all up.

Started and ran fine after waiting for the electric fuel pump to fill the carb.

Set the idle to 2000 RPM, and ran it for 30 minutes to check for leaks and break-in the cam and lifters, and took it out for a cruise the next day.

Anyway....saw this over at the Hot Rod Magazine website, and it cracked me up.....

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