Thursday, September 11, 2014

RATS! My Little Weather PC Went Casters Up

Doggone it, the little Intel Atom PC I put together for my weather station has decided to call it quits.

I'm wondering if the UPS it was connected to had anything to do with its demise. This was the UPS I changed the batteries on a few weeks ago.  I've been monitoring it quite closely, and all seems well, but I'm wondering if it did some weirdness when it had athe bad battery in the pack,

Generally, when the batteries inside are no good any longer, they default to "bypass mode", hopefully saving anything connected from voltage fluctuations.

The little PC acted up a week ago (dropped offline and shut down), and disconnecting the DVD drive seemed to bring it back OK.

I know I have some spare power supplies for it *somewhere* out in the garage, but since I'm in the middle of tearing apart the radio room to clean it and sort all the "stuff" that's in here, I think I might be better off just grabbing a new bare-bones unit and swapping the solid state drive from the dead PC to a new one.

As soon as I finish up the radio room, I'm attacking the garage with a vengence so I can start working on the Supra.


  1. Stuff always seems to go Tangu Uniform while everything else is is in a state disarray. Good luck!

  2. Yeah, one thing after another.

    At least my wife is being very understanding about all the junque stacked in the living room and guest room while I'm cleaning up the radio room.

    It had gotten so bad that I couldn't get back to my floor-to-ceiling book shelves to put back books!

    I have one big "eBay" pile, one "garage" pile, and I've thrown out several boxes of old QST magazines, and have all the car magazines I've read in another pile. I'd taken several LARGE cardboard boxes of car magazines into Sea Launch, as the Captain of the Command ship was a gearhead, and I made sure he got them before I left there.

    I'll probably send the rest to my buddy back in Illinois.

    And I filed the recycle bin more than half way with paper, boxes, old catalogs, and other misc junque that I finally realized I was never going to do anything with.

    And I've made THREE trips to the "eWaste" disposal place to dump stuff, like the SEVEN old laptops people had given me over the years!

  3. Lots of projects... Retired??? Really??? :-D

  4. Yep!

    When I was "working" I complained about too many projects, and no time.

    I still have all the projects, but my "extra" time spent doing other things!

    Jim's Law (or somebody else's) Projects expand to take all available time!


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