Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's Official, I'm Retiring In August!

Just filled out the online forms, printed it all, and I'm in the system for starting my benefits in September.

Still not sure when I'm going to tell them at work.......

BUT, considering all the shit they've pulled on all of us, I think I'll be nice and give them two weeks notice......


  1. If you keep it under wraps, then they'll only have to consciously suffer with you for the last two weeks of August. If, however, you give them notice now, then, for the entire sultry summer, you will be able to let it rub in as you conspicuously reap all the benefits of KMA Club membership.

    Your call!

    1. Everybody pretty much knows I'm leaving, so it's not like I'm dropping a bomb on them or anything.

      I'd rather just pop it on them August 8th with my two-week notice.

      My fellow workers are a great bunch of guys, and I'll miss them. My "direct" manager, who signs my time sheet but doesn't have a clue what I do, is also a really good guy, and the manager I'm on permanent loan to is another great guy.

      It's the upper level management I wouldn't trust any further than I could throw them, which 'aint very far!

  2. Heh... Yeah, go out with class... Show them how it SHOULD be done.

    1. Yep. Considering they just have Security walk people out on the day we turn in our time sheets (your final check gets mailed), *IF* I'm still there come August, I'll give them two week's notice.


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