Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Honeydew" Day

Well, so far I've fixed three broken hinges on doors, crushed two weeks worth of aluminum cans, and cleaned up the dining room table and living room coffe table.

Two of the bad hinges were simple "remove and replace" jobs, but the one on the door to Radio Central had stripped out holes in the door frame for the bottom hinge.

Don't ask how it happened......

I had to drill out the existing holes, cut some snug-fitting hardwood dowels, and glue them in with some Gorilla Glue.

After the glue cures overnight I'll mount up the new hinge, drill some pilot holes in the dowel plugs I glued in, and hinge!

And I had a HUGE stack of books and magazines on the dining room table to sort out/toss/save, and the coffee table was stacked up with all the packing material from the GoPro Hero3+ camera and accessories I bought last week.

Yep, I bought a GoPro so I can document some of the things I do, like Field Day, which is coming up next weekend.

I'm taking a special "Behind The Scenes" tour on some of the off-limits areas of the Iowa tomorrow, but I'm going to take my Nikon with me for that.

And yep, I *will* post the pix I take tomorrow!


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