Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

To all my fellow Dads out there!

I'm goofing off today working on the Supra. I'd painted the rear "sunshade" a month ago, but the paint I used (VHT Satin Black urethane) looked terrible. I don't know if I got a bad can (it happens) or if the paint just isn't suitable for this application. It's meant for refinishing mag wheels, and is really tough paint, but just doesn't lay down nice on large, flat surfaces.

SO.....I just finished sanding it all back off, and primed it again. I'm not sure if I'll try and spray can it myself again, or take it to the body shop down the street where my wife had some touch up work done to her car last year.

*IF* I decide to take it the body shop, then I'll also take my outside mirror housings, and the front bumper, which are also supposed to be Toyota "Tuxedo Black" gloss.

Might as well have them do the final prep and paint on several things, as it would save some cost over having things done one at a time.

As soon as I finish cleaning up things a bit, and my son gets his rear over here, I'm going to pull the seats out of the car so we can get my new carpet installed......maybe.....

The Crew Appreciation Dinner on the Iowa last night was great! A local place did the catering, and we had pulled pork, shredded beef, cole slaw, and some of the best backed beans I've ever had!


  1. Happy Father's Day, my friend!

  2. Have a great day, Jim. Congratulations on retirement.

    1. Thanks, Stephen.

      I'm really looking forward to it.

      As my old Hot Rod buddy Marvin told me a few weeks ago, "It's Like Saturday EVERY DAY!"

  3. Happy Fathers Day

  4. Happy F-Day and congrats too! it ~IS~ like every day is Saturday, and then comes, "Whatcha wanna do today...?", Paint: can we even get working paint here in CA anymore? May have to send to Nevada for paint...

  5. can get some paint that's OK, but not a lot.

    I refinished a section of wood in the living room, and got some "New and Improved" urethane to coat it with. I wonder how good it could be when I saw it was water based. Inside of TWO DAYS the dogs had scratched it so badly with their nails that it looked horrible. I had my stepson's girlfriend contact her Dad in Colorado, and he sent me a quart of "real" urethane that I used after sanding the wood down, and it's held up perfectly.

    Eastwood Company sells two different formulations of most of their paints. One is Low VOC for out here in Kaliforniastan, and the rest is for elsewhere. I sent one of my buddies back in Illinois some money, and he ordered the 'real" paint that I wanted9 from them an shipped it out to me.


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