Friday, June 13, 2014

Gonna See "The Gunny" On Saturday!

R. Lee Ermey will be at the Major Surplus and Survival store tomorrow for their yearly Blow-Out Sale.

I'll be there in the morning helping a bit with the booth for the Iowa, and hopefully I'll be able to get him to autograph his book I bought some months ago.

It's a pretty good book, and one I wished was available years ago when I was younger. He has a lot of good advice in it, and I'm sure I would have taken much of it.

The only "guide" I had way back then was a copy of "The Blujacket's Manual" my Dad gave me.

While that book was pretty good, I felt it just didn't apply to me (hey, I was a young pup!), but I read it anyway, and still have it.

The last time I met Gunny was at "Old Fort MacArthur Days", and I was 100% impressed with the man.

He's a real gentleman in person, and even my girlfriend at the time thought he was pretty cool.

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