Monday, April 14, 2014

Bundy Ranch Video

Supposedly Facebook is has banned this video.

Several commenters have said they post it, and it just "disappears".

And for those that don't understand why Mr. Bundy refused to pay his "Grazing Fees", here's another rancher's explanation of it all.

All the big city folk that cry and fret about a supposedly endangered desert tortoise, while eating their Big Mac, don't have clue where the beef comes from.

And then there's this story about a planned Fed raid on the Bundy's home.

As much as I'm happy the Feds pulled out (or were pushed out), I certainly don't think this is The End Of The Story.

Bullies have a way of returning, you know......


  1. Yes, they return when they think no is watching

  2. I look for the IRSS to get involved.
    You mean beef does not come from the store? :-)
    I am a old farm boy by the way.

  3. Woof... Getting screwy up there...

  4. This federal "withdrawal" could very well be nothing but a ruse. They'll be back at 3:00 AM some morning after the militia has all gone home. Count on it. I saw it done in the late 90s and early 2000s in my home town of Southaven, Mississippi to the family of Bill Cockrell.

  5. I have very little doubt that the Feds will want to continue to stir this pot until it boils over.

    As a side note, wouldn't it be great if Harry Reid's entanglements over the supposed land deal were enough to bring him down?

  6. when any reguulatery government attempts to control the citizens with force and power the citizens have the right to rebel against the goverment


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