Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doomsday? We're Still Here!

I got an email from one of my Ham Radio buddies in New Zeland a few hours ago.

He said "We're Still here. What did you expect?".

One of the radio clubs in Arizona ran a special event station with the callsign N0D, for "Now Zero Days".

I tried to contact them, but they had such a pile up I gave up!

Here's their QSL card:

Anyway....assuming we *are* still here on Friday, I get to have the pleasure of getting 4 new tires for my Jeep!

Hope it goes better than the battery escapade did.....


  1. For God's sake, those Mayans were sacrificing humans (God's Children) to please their gods and superstitions and I just cant understand why even today the modern civilization still belives in the silly Mayan predictions ... They were devilish doing bone-chilling human sacrifices

  2. Yep, they were *extremely* brutal.

    All part of the liberal "Natural Man" and New Age "Man in Tune with Nature" garbage.

  3. The Mayans couldn't predict their own downfall, so why are paying attention to their silly piece of carved rock, again?

  4. Good point, Rev!

    I always wondered why "Miss Cleo" the psychic couldn't see her coming problems with the IRS!

  5. Too late for this year, but this QRP event moved to Dec 21st to take advantage of TEOTW.

    73, Jim


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