Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Guess The Island!

It's off the coast of Southern California, it's NOT Catalina, and a lot of things go BOOM! there.

I have a funny feeling Old_NFO knows which one it is.......


  1. Actually this one is San Nicolas. San Clemente is further South than the course we take coming back to Long Beach.

    And I didn't remember San Clemente was used for Naval Gunnery practice!

  2. I actually have been to San Nicolas island several times. I was stationed at Point Mugu NAS in the early sixties and OLF SNI was one of the places where we maintained equipment. At the time, the island was NOT used for gunnery practice.

    San Clemente was used for gunnery practice long ago until the queasy environmentalists started sweating the demise of Burros on the island. That's another long story.

  3. Yeah, San Nic, and actually San Clemente is STILL used for bombing on the SHOBA portion (but only with practice bombs). Been to both too. The give away was the slope of the island! :-)

  4. Didn't they bulldoze part of the island to "flatten" it out?

    Seems I remember reading somewhere that one of those two had the top removed for some reason.

  5. Yeah, SNI. Or NSI on the TACAN & other beacons (for you zoomies). I was at MugU in '60 as a screaming seaman right out of "A" school. Got sent to SNI to do the ground electronics job for 7 months.
    Went back in '73 as a W3 for 2 years as EMO at the NAVFAC.
    10,000 foot strip, no lights, and in the 60s we used to land NOLOs (old F9Fs that had been used for target practice). Also the north end was the "Impact Area". Don't remember any NGFS but the fly guys used to hammer it on a regular basis. I remeber doing a sweep just north of the camp area in '60 for a Bullpup missle that fell off a bird, landed short & didn't go boom. Never did find it.
    Oh, and FOG!!!


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