Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marlin 60 At Home!

And my lovely wife has pronounced it both "cute" and "beautiful".
I probably won't get to shoot it until next weekend, as I have a full plate this weekend.
Friday night I'm giving a presentation on "DSP For Dummies" at my radio club meeting, and Saturday I'm headed to the Southern California Linux Exposition.
Sunday I'm cleaning my handguns, as one of my wife's best friends wants to go shooting at the range next weekend. She grew up shooting rifles, but has never fired a handgun ( ! ).
And yes, I'll give them both a drill on The Four Rules!
I see FedEx has delivered an accessory I ordered for the Marlin, a speed loader for 22LR tube magazine rifles.
I'll do a mini-review on the rifle and the Spee-D-Loader after I've had a chance to try them.


  1. Let us know how the speedloader works!

  2. For speed-loading a tubular magazine, all you need is a soda straw of the appropriate diameter, tape over one end, and store it nose-down. Those are the poor country-boy's answer to the problem, anyway.

    1. Wow....a soda-straw speed loader! I never would have thought of that.
      I find what straws work best, and grab a handful of them from a fast-food place.
      And when I do my mini-review, I'll be sure to include that, along with some pictures of how to do it.

  3. And you should definitely go to an Appleseed clinic when you get the chance. All I packed was my beloved 10/22 and I can tell you this I worked my tail off but thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. I didn't know they have a 'clinic'.
    I'll ask about that in the next month or so when I go to the Appleseed shoot.

  5. We just began development of a great little muzzle brake for the Marlin 60. Take a look at http://www.smitharms.com


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