Saturday, January 21, 2012

Any Cold Remedies?

Been kinda out of it the last few days. My wife had a cold early last week, and it clobbered me Thursday. Stayed home from work Friday, missed my radio club meeting (*I* was supposed to be the speaker), and _barely_ made it up to the SoCal Linux Expo today.
Barely ate any dinner, 'cuz nothing tastes good, or tastes at all.
Major case of the "Blah-Yukkies", which I think is a new disease I just invented.
Guess I'll take some NyQuil, have some chicken soup and crackers, and hit they hay....


  1. I'd look at going to the doctor, what ever is going around is NOT being handled by OTC stuff. Three folks in the office have had to get antibiotics and they are now in the THIRD week of fighting that crap off.

  2. Well, this morning I feel much better. It was the same with my wife, knocked for a loop for two days, then fine.


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