Saturday, March 5, 2011

STS-133 As Viewed From A Commercial Airliner

Just is just stunning!
One of my AMSAT friends posted the link on the AMSAT email reflector, and it's absolutely amazing.


  1. That's pretty cool. I was living in California and went to watch one of the landings from the distance where the public was allowed. Much less impressive viewed that way though I'm glad we went.

  2. Nice :-) It's even more impressive from 4 miles off the coast in the rescue box! There, you not only FEEL it, you HEAR it!

  3. Damn amazing! Drinks on the house! Saw a launch from Vandenberg once, working in the theater yard at Santa Maria. Over all the noise of steel being cut, and grinders grinding, saws running through wood, and boom-boxes being played at full volume a sound arose that simply eclipsed all the other noise and we looked skyward to see a thick cloud rising and rising with a bright light at he top... Wow.

  4. Yeah, if you've never seen a launch "Up close and personal", it's quite amazing.
    Out of the 14 launches I was at for Sea Launch, I was able to see the last 5 from outside. I was doing the video inspection of the Launch Platform after lift-off, so in order to be ready to hop on the chopper with my video camera, I had to be on the helideck, and ready to go immediately after the launch.
    It's the sound that gets you.....all the things you've heard about "ripping metal" are true!


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