Friday, February 4, 2011

Gun Cleaning Day

Well, I managed to get all three of the pistols swabbed, scrubbed, cleaned, lubed, and did my general after-shooting check out.
Glad I did, because I found some little flecks of.....RUST.....on the case-hardened parts of the wife's revolver.
They cleaned right off with just a coarse shop towel and some oil, but it's the first time I've ever seen any signs of rust on any of my guns.
Disgusting stuff, rust, and I had it hammered into me years ago that signs of rust were signs of neglect.
Maybe they were "tears of neglect" from the poor gun because my wife hasn't gone to the range with me lately, and the S&W TRR8 is basically her gun.
The good news is that one of her friends dropped by last night, and she's very interested in going to the range with us.
Time to get out my "NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor" hat, and teach her all the things one needs to know before going to the range for the first time.
Sunday will be "Rifle Cleaning Day", and I'll take some pix when I'm using my new Cabela's gun vise, and do a mini-review of it.


  1. Have fun tomorrow! I always enjoy teaching new shooters.

  2. Yeah, I do, too, which is why I got the NRA certification.
    We haven't set a date to take her, but it probably won't be for a week or two.

  3. An odd thing happened to us when we transported our Rem 870 from Calif to Az - we placed our (never neglected) shotgun in a zip up case and drove it to the hotel in Az before we moved into the house here. When The Better Half opened the padded case, she noticed several rust spots on the shotgun. All we can figure is that the dampness from where we had the case stored back in Torrance got to the gun before we had a chance to open it up here in Az, probably a week later. I should have put some desiccant in the case like we have in the safe (in both places) but did not.

  4. I *usually* wipe them down with a Birchwood-Casey "Baaricade" cloth when I'm done with them, but the last time I had the revolver out (at Angeles Shooting Range last month) I didn't have any of the wipers in my range bag.
    I'd say the little wipers must work pretty well if this is the first time I didn't use them, along with the first time I've seen rust!

  5. Enjoy the day! And teach her 'carefully' :-)

  6. Gotta remember that the fire prevention stuff in the lining of a safe tends to attract and hold moisture.

  7. It's snowing (again) that might be a worthwhile afternoon activity.


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