Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Going to the Range Thursday

My son wants to buy his first pistol, and has his eye on a Sig P226. Since Dear Old Dad owns one, we're headed out to the range so he can see if he likes it.
I'd prefer he learn to use a 1911, and I have a brand-new Kimber Eclipse Custom II that I bought a couple of years ago with him in mind, but he's got his heart set on the Sig, I think.
Me? I'll be dragging along my trusty old Kimber Custom TLE II. Over 5,000 rounds through it, and I'll I've ever done is clean it, and put some Esmeralda grips on it when it was new. I recently replaced the recoil spring, and did a full "detail strip and clean", but otherwise that pistol is like the Energizer Bunny.


  1. Jim. You don't own (sniff) a Colt?
    I've got over 10,000 rounds through my Officers' Model and I've only had to replace my firing pin (twice), my firing pin spring, my front sight, my barrel bushing, my barrel plug, my sear and disconnector, my magazine release spring, my..... never mind.

  2. What caliber p226? I like my p220 in .45acp but the grip is a bit thick compared to my '43 1911A1.

  3. Years ago, before I moved to Kaliforniastan, I had a Colt Commander that was built from parts by an Army Ranger gunsmith that I was working with at the time. He had a truckload of parts, and accurized it for me. The only things we had to buy new were the frame, barrel, bushing, and magazines.
    It was really sweet, but not knowing what the gun laws were here in Cali, I sold it to my best buddy, who still has it and loves it. When I got back into shooting, I didn't understand all the fuss about how much "custom" work you had to put into a 1911 to make it shoot "properly", as mine was just fine!

    My P226 is in 40S&W, which is what my son wants.

  4. That's a nice common caliber - all mine are plain old .45's except the .38spl's for my wife. Two calibers is enough variety and it helps economize.

  5. Yep, I try and cut down on what calibers I use. My Marlin 1894C is in 357, same as my wife's S&W TRR8, which leaves me with 45ACP for my pistols (exception being the Sig), and 30-30 for my Marlin 336.
    Gonna have to get a 308 one of these days, though.

  6. Consolidating ammo is a good idea, trust me... when you start building stocks in ALL the calibers you have, you need another room just for storage!


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